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Eyewear Kit (Solution and Lens Case)

Eyewear Kit (Solution and Lens Case)

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Cleaning Solution Kit offers unique benefits to the contact lens wearer. As well as cleaning, disinfecting and removing protein from contact lenses, contact lens solution also creates a moisture cushion on the lens which slowly releases fluid for longer more comfortable lens wear.

The unique Easy Rub Formula combines a rub & rinse with a reassuring 6-hour disinfection to remove and kill a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms to help protect your eyes against infection. The Easy Rub Formula contains Poloxamer, an effective cleaner that is also gentle on the eyes. With 4 beneficial electrolytes, it helps promote a healthy lens wearing experience.

For use with all Soft Contact Lenses and Defy Eyes contact lenses. Includes lens case and instructions

Included in product  1 x 60ml bottle of contact lens solution; 1 x lens case for 2 lenses.